Cadillac Blindside split

By paul

Cadillac Blindside have split up. A rather bizarre post was put up on the band’s website, and this has been confirmed by their label, Fueled By Ramen.

Trent from the band posted this on : “This is the last time you’ll hear from me. Cadillac Blindside has broken up for reasons too numerous to mention. A turbulent landing on a flight into Chicago’s O’Hare airport recently made me realize that everything happens for a reason.

“Just as possible outcomes were running through my brain I took another glance out the jet window hoping for a promising sign and focused on the cemetery at the end of the runway. Due to our current situation, you can all guess the outcome of the landing, still, I feel lucky to be alive. What if we had crashed and burned? Well, the reason for our break-up would seem more necessary to you, and the strategic placement of the graveyard would suggest the idea of an easy burial for me.

“All in all, we would like to thank everyone who has believed in us and helped us make our music meaningful throughout our years.”

Their label Fueled By Ramen were less philosophical in their statement. A spokesman said: “Cadillac Blindside has broken up. The split was a friendly one and we wish all the members of the band the very best in all their endeavours.

“We are proud to have put out their records here at FBR. Please give their new full length ‘These Liquid Lungs’ a listen as we think you’ll agree that they are a band whose life ended just a little bit early.”

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