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By paul

There are loads and loads and loads of punk rock compilations out there, but few are as good as this – and it’s for a good cause.

Our buddies over at the US site (which rocks by the way, go check it out everyday) have put together ‘Broken Lamps and Hardcore Memories’ which features some of the greatest bands on planet punk.

And not only that but in purchasing it you will be making a donation to Juvenile Diabetes Research and The American Parkinson Disease Association.

The tracklisting is as follows:

1. The Movielife – 10 Seconds Too Late
2. Rise Against – Alive and Well
3. Kill Your Idols – Young (at heart)
4. Good Riddance – Choices Made
5. Darkest Hour – An Epitaph
6. Heckle – Dependence
7. Finch – Letters to You
8. Bigwig – Thinning Out the Herd
9. Blood Red – Raging Sea
10. Faded Grey – Dollars and Sense
11. Over It – Blackball
12. Count Me Out – Best of Me
13. Thursday – Wind-Up
14. Strike Anywhere – Timebomb Generation
15. Silent Majority – Popular Opinion
16. Primary – Chapters End
17. Spark Lights the Friction – Dream Apnea
18. No Motiv – Going Numb
19. Reach the Sky – World Stands Still
20. The Fairlanes – This Amp Goes to 11
21. Striking Distance – Cut Throat
22. Walls of Jericho – Full Disclosure
23. Yellowcard – Trembling
24. Skycamefalling – Healing Yesteryear

Brilliant even if I do say so myself. To get hold of a copy for just $6 visit or or

So go out and support two worthy causes and get a brilliant new cd at the same time!

Links: Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

The American Parkinson Disease Association

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