Bring your favourite artists to London with Songkick and Punktastic!

By Tom Aylott

Fancy seeing Masked Intruder in London?

Songkick have become one of the most comprehensive gig listing sites around, and their new Detour project aims to get more active in the process by bringing artists directly to fans through a unique take on the pledging process.

Songkick Detour London is the latest addition to the project, and we’re really excited to be part of the launch. Punktastic have curated a list that we want our readers to be involved in – we’ve put our vote down for a few artists we’d love to see come to London, including Braid and Shook Ones.

If you want to get involved, you have to vote for bands to come and play London, saying how much you’d part ways with to get that band into the city. The Songkick team then go and talk to the bands to try and make it happen. If the gig gets confirmed, you’ll get a ticket! The process for you to make it happen – in the words of Songkick themselves – is outlined below. You never spend a penny unless the gig happens, and it’s a great opportunity to see a band you never get to see!

Vote for your bands.
We need at least 50 votes pledged to make a gig happen, so tell all your friends.

Pledge to buy tickets. Your votes won’t be saved until you pledge. You decide how much you’re willing to pledge to see the band live.

Once the gig is confirmed, the ticket price will be set. We won’t charge you more than this, even if your pledge was higher.

You won’t be charged until the concert is confirmed. If you can’t go, you’ll be refunded. You’ll only be charged for one concert, even if you vote for 50 bands.

You can vote for bands we’ve suggested or get involved with your own, so get your votes in and share the list! If you want to get involved, you’ll need an invite code from us, so use the link below and enter JHZ4PRKC as your invite code!

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