All new stuff at Fat Wreck

By paul

It seems like they only ever send out updates once in a blue moon, but obviously something’s going on in the sky because Fat Wreck have sent us all the latest info on what’s going on in San Francisco.

So, here’s what they said:

Amazing new e-card for The Lawrence Arms! Their brilliant new record “Apathy and Exhaustion” comes out February 12th, but until then you’ll have to settle for just a taste. This e-card is really neato and it’s real easy, so click here:

Bracket‘s “Live in a Dive” is on it’s way! Oh yeah, it’s the second release in our series of live records and it comes out February 26th. This record sounds great, and as with all the “Live in a Dive” albums, it comes with comic book artwork and an enhanced CD. We try, we really do try…All of Bracket‘s hard-to-find hits are on this live record!

New Limp record almost out! Our cronies over at the Honest Don’s World Headquarters have been busy too and plan to release Limp‘s third full length on February 19th. The self-titled album is the most mature thing yet from these cute East Bay pop-punkers and you can hear a song here:

Strung Out‘s “An American Paradox” is coming soon! Much of this record is shrouded in mystery but we’re planning for it’s release in late April. From what we’ve heard, the record is amazing and should come with special packaging. We do know that the band plans to add a bonus track to the first 10,000 copies of “An American Paradox”. Holy Cat! We’ll keep ya posted as we find out more info…

Fat bands on tour! And LOTS of ’em too, so if you like to “rock out with your cock out” as the kids say, then now’s your chance! NOFX, Anti-Flag, The Lawrence Arms, Avail, Less Than Jake, Rise Against, Mad Caddies, Sick Of It All…everybody! They’re all out on the road, so you better ask your mom now if she can drop you off at show. But dudes, at least get droppped off down the street a bit.

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