AFI in studio

By paul

East Bay¹s AFI (A Fire Inside), have just entered the studio in Los Angeles California to record their 6th full-length album. Jerry Finn (Rancid, Blink 182, Green Day) and Butch Vig (Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Garbage) will be producing. The album is scheduled for an early 2003 release on Dreamworks. Fans will be able to watch the album recording and keep up to date with band by going onto the bands official website A journal, video shorts, new photos and a web cam will be in the house. The yet untitled album is a much-anticipated release following 2000¹s excellent ŒArt Of Drowning¹ that saw the band develop into a class of their own. ³I haven¹t seen a band since Nirvana with this sort of intense chemistry among its members and with their fans² (Butch Vig). ³Butch and I feel lucky to be working with AFI on this record. The band has written their most ambitious songs and arrangements to date, they¹ve truly outdone themselves² (Jerry Finn). Their live shows alone will inspire any punk, hardcore, goth or metal kid to go out and seek the superb back catalogue including anything from ŒShut Your Mouth And Open Your Eyes¹ to the ŒAll Hallows EP¹. Vocalist Davey Havok tells us ³We¹ve never taken this much time between albums. We probably wrote somewhere between 35 and 40 songs. 20 made it to pre-production, of which 17 are going to be tracked, and I¹m sure we¹re going to have a very difficult time deciding which of the 17 are going to make it onto the album.² guitarist Jade Puget adds, ³ I think the way this happened is going to translate to a better album. We had that much more time to write songs and throw away the ones that weren¹t as good. Obviously, we¹re biased, but I think it¹s going to be a solidly good album, without any

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