AFI go major

By paul

Goth punks AFI have laid to rest a series of internet rumours and finally announced that they have signed to Dreamworks.

In a statement released on the bands website, Davey and the boys stated they had become too big for Nitro.

The statement reads:
“Hey Everyone,

We know there’s been tons of speculation recently about us signing to a new label and we apologize for the lack of information, but our future plans hadn’t been decided up until now. Ok, here goes:

A couple of months ago, Dexter (owner of Nitro Records, as I’m sure you know) came to our show in Ventura and sat us down to talk. He told us that he believed we were at a point where we were outgrowing Nitro’s resources and he thought it was a good time for us to move on. As you can imagine, we were quite taken aback; we owed him another record and were very happy on Nitro but he went on to explain that a different label could offer us things he felt we needed.

From the start, we all agreed that we wanted to continue to work with Nitro, even though we’d be on a different label, Nitro would be involved. After a few months of research, we decided on Dreamworks as our new home based on a few important things.

First and foremost, we’re able to keep the complete artistic freedom and control that we had at Nitro; in other words, we can make the music we want and no one can tell us otherwise. Second, Dreamworks is a privately-owned label that is free from a lot of the corporate bullshit that other labels face. Third, our good friend Luke Wood works there, a guy who completely understands what we’re about, and played a large part in our decision to go there.

So that’s the big news. We know that you guys have always had faith in us and trusted us to make music that we’re passionate about, and we’ll continue to do just that. Those who truly understand us will know that none of this will ever change us or our music. We’re sure many of you have questions or comments about all of this so we’ll be doing an online chat through our website to answer them. Thanks…

Davey, Jade, Hunter, and Adam ”

So there you go…another one bites the dust…

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