You Me At 6 – Leeds University

By Spud

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12:53 – It’s a lovely day in Leeds and a few people are milling around The Library pub for PT: Live.

13.09 – Some of the several million people who have turned up so far are here.

17.30 – The event is in full swing. So far Me vs Hero filled the Mine stage so much that they stopped letting people in (pic here), The Audition have got the main Refectory about 2/3rds full and sound very, very good and are being received much better than I would have thought.

17.45 – Only caught 3 songs of Hertfordshire’s Out of Sight but the pop-punk outfit did themselves a decent turn on the relatively well-attended UK Now! stage (picture here).

The Audition are coming to the end of their set. More crowdsurfers than you can count – though none that could top the person who put their foot into a light fitting during a breakdown in MvH’s set.

17.55 – Fuck me, the singer from The Audition just leapt off a ~15/18ft high ledge (the balcony in the Refectory of Leeds Uni) into the crowd. It’s about the height of 3 people ish, at a guesstimate. He nearly killed himself and flattened a young girl at the bottom who was dragged out by security and medical guys. She didn’t look good. Hopefully she’s not badly hurt.

Picture of him just before he jumped here.

We have the whole incident on video from right next to him as he jumped. That will be online later once it’s been processed by Andy.

18.15 – We The Scowleys are about to start on the main stage. The screams are building already.

18.43 – We The Kings just covered Jimmy Eat World really quite well. Day just went up a notch.

20.15 – Polar Bear Club just ripped up mine to a 2/3s full Mine. Still, that’s a good couple of hundred people who’ve just seen a good band.

Kids in Glass Houses were fucking immense. If there’s a better live UK act around, I’m yet to see threm. And they covered ‘You Think You’re John Fucking Lennon’ by Glassjaw. Superb.

Word is that the girl who was flattened by the guy from The Audition isn’t seriously hurt, though the same can’t be said for her camera.