The Maine – Birmingham Academy 2

By paul

Only 2 bands played the show which meant they got just over an hour each. Whilst Mayday Parade made the most of this, The maine did not. In matching black shirts they opened with a pretty dreary number which to me set the tone for the whole set, however the mass of fans at the front seemed to really enjoy them and got really involved. I’ve heard a lot about The Maine but have never actually listened to them, and to be honest their set did not keep my attention at all or encourage me to listen to them again. Playing songs from their new album ‘Black and White’ the band pulled a fan on stage to sing with them, and props to her for having the guts to get up and sing, I know I wouldn’t. The set lacked life, and even though the drums were too loud and the vocals too muffled the band didn’t really seem to get into it. First show nerves perhaps? I don’t know. Personally this band weren’t for me, but they definitely had a strong following who seemed to enjoy every moment. 2/5

Mayday Parade where a whole different story, bursting with life and energy on stage the band rattled through songs and entertained the crowd with light chitchat. Whilst Mayday Parade‘s songs aren’t exactly groundbreaking, they worked the stage like it was their last. The Academy 2 was pretty much sold out which amazed me as I didn’t know they had that much of a following here. Performing for over an hour the set slowed down for a solo performance of ‘Miserable At Best’ which saw lighters and phones in the air, couples making out everywhere and tears from a gaggle of girls in front of me – obviously it’s a bit of a favourite as was ‘Black Cat.’ The show wrapped up on a high with ‘Jamie All Over’ and a lot of happy faces left the venue. 3.5/5