The Get Up Kids – Bolton Queens Park

By paul

Get Up Kids ? Bolton ? Dog and Partridge

I’m not sure this gig needs much of an introduction but it’s getting one. The Get Up Kids are over for Leeds Festival and wanted to fill some spare time and through their ‘connections’ have given Bolton something to really shout about. Ok there are other reasons but I’m not going to get into that here. The venue is an intimate one and this has thus got a bit of attention on the PT forums, among other places.

I missed a decent bit of the opening band and as I didn’t catch their name and it’s clear they’ve not released anything yet they’ll be omitted from this review. On to Wot Gorilla then. I’m not sure how to describe this band and I’m also not sure I like it, I’m pretty sure I don’t. They describe themselves as Math Rock. I personally think there’s a tiny bit of hardcore in there amongst some Indie, Ska and goodness knows what else. It’s different but not necessarily in a good way, it feels confused. Considering all the good british music going around currently i’m sceptical on their chances of moving up the musical ladder but i’m sure Leeds Festival will give them the opportunity this weekend. 2/5

It’s not an exaggeration to say the crowd are excited for what’s about to follow and as was said by the opening band’s lead singer ?this is possibly the greatest thing that’s ever happened in Bolton?. It’s naturally a very warm reception as ?Coming Clean? gets everybody going. The 200 strong crowd are treated to a mixture of mainly FMM and STWHA which lets be honest, is what everyone wants. These 2 albums having become incredibly influential on so many people and bands. ?Red Letter Day? from this collection was a real highlight. The opening 2 tracks of Guilt Show are also thrown in as well as ?Woodson? as hit after hit is delivered. The crowd gladly singing along with Pryor, in some cases as if their lives depend on it.

Pryor is brilliant on vocals throughout and is excellently backed up by the genius of Dewees on keys. They’re all on brilliant form to be fair though and seem to be enjoying it and each other so much. A stark contrast from their issues pre hiatus. Pryor and Jim engage with the crowd for the odd joke to and despite only landing in the country this morning the energy is excellent. New songs ?You Petty Pretty Things? and ?Keith Case? are also both very enjoyable. I unfortunately have to leave just before the end of the normal set (I assume encores were to follow as well) but not before the outstanding Don’t Hate Me and 10 Minutes take things up about 5 notches. I’ve had the privilege of seeing this band a few times over the years and it just feels they just get better and better. This is a night i’ll likely remember into my old age and is a contender for gig of the year.