Tellison – The Croft, Bristol

By Tom Aylott

There are about 10 people in the room when ARCHIMEDES take to the stage, which is a shame because the band are tight and put on a good performance. They’re very good technically and show that they can write a solid song as well as hold the crowd’s attention. A short, albeit very nice little set. [3/5]

Following this, the room slowly begins to fill in anticipation for THE ATTIKA STATE. This is a band who know what they’re doing and do it very well. Crowd participation is always fun and once again, the band looked like they were having a blast. A bit of a sing along never goes amiss and they very nearly steal the show. [4/5]

But let’s face it, everybody is here to see TELLISON. The Croft is now full. Full of people who absolutely love the band. From the opening lines of ‘Get On’ the band are nearly drowned out by the receptive crowd. And from there it’s a frenzy of big song after big song. A nice mixture of tracks from ‘Contact! Contact!’ and ‘The Wages of Fear’ means that everyone is happy. A beautiful rendition of ‘Freud Links the Teeth and the Heart’ slows things down with the band looking genuinely touched at having every word sung back to them. With ‘Henry Went to Paris’ being a personal highlight (hand claps included) and closer ‘Hanover Start Clapping’, Tellison have yet again shown that they are truly an incredible band. Not a single lowlight in the set and definitely a show to remember. [5/5]