Silverstein – O2 Academy, Islington

By Andy

The Islington Academy is brimming tonight with faces eager to see the Hopeless Records double whammy take on London town. First up, Floridian rockers THERE FOR TOMORROW [4/5] take little time to shake preconceptions that they?re just a bunch of pretty faces, with an arresting and energetic half hour set that would turn even the sternest of naysayers. Where Maika Maile?s vocals may be an acquired taste on record, on stage his confidence and delivery makes you question whether the band?s 2009 debut did him ? or them – justice. ?Deathbed? and ?A Little Faster? sound exponentially punchier in a live setting and with the funk-laden new single ?Hunt, Hunt, Hunt? proving to be the highlight of their evening, their imminent sophomore effort could be something very special indeed.

They may be a new addition to the Hopeless roster, but SILVERSTEIN?s [3.5/5] legacy now stretches back over a decade and the influx of twentysomethings into the venue circa 9pm certainly shows their fanbase is a loyal one. Their 17-song set is money well spent for all in attendance and despite falling foul of The Academy?s sonic inconsistencies in places, it?s one that sufficiently caters for fans old and new. When the sound desk is on their side they sound colossal – ?Smashed Into Pieces? and ?Your Sword Vs My Dagger? are every bit as raucous and chuggy as they should be, but in other places, Silverstein battle valiantly against muddiness and a lack of clarity, with their American Nightmare cover coming out worst off. Still, it?s a battle they ultimately end up winning as there are few disappointed faces leaving The Academy by the time the encore has rung out.