Portugal. The Man – Manchester Roadhouse

By paul

I’m fortunate in many ways that despite Portugal not having been in the UK for a while I did have the benefit of seeing them at Hurricane festival in Germany last year where they blew me away! Because of this it is a disappointment that such an intimate venue wasn’t sold out. Maybe I have an elevated opinion of this band. At œ6.50 it’s hardly a gig that will break the bank! Maybe the venue has put people off, I know the Roadhouse isn’t the best for its sound.

Lack of support tonight though does mean it’s all about Portugal this evening with the only other band present being a local support who really don’t fit with the Punktastic audience and so we’ll skip them on this occasion. Despite that and in part to some technical issues, Portugal don?t get going until 22:10. Good things do come to those who wait though! The opener ?And I? is testament to that as Portugal are in 5th gear right from the start however, tonight however does end up focusing more on the most recent album, ?The Satanic Satanist?.

Highlights such as ?Do You? and my personal favourite from the night ?Everyone Is Golden? demanded and got people’s attention and appreciation. ?Work All Day? also hit all the right notes with at large a disappointingly timid crowd. Something that is definitely a shame. Goodness knows Portugal deserved it for their stunning energy levels and from all accounts very technically sound performance. Despite the vocals in particular not coming across particularly brilliantly it’s clear for everyone to see how brilliant this band are instrumentally however you do feel on occasions that the guitar solos were a little overdone. The sheer energy from Zach as well as John, (hat firmly in place) did their best to compensate for a poor sound system and lackluster crowd. They really gave it everything tonight, clearly looking to make an impression!