Not Advised – O2 Academy, Islington

By Andy

What do you do when your lead vocalist blows his voice out four days before setting off on your Summer headline tour? Group together, recruit a third guitarist and frantically practise with a reshuffled line-up, that?s what. Jim Thomas may be sitting on the sidelines tonight looking frustrated at his inability to partake in the festivities, but his brethren prove a professional outfit, out to make the best of a bad situation.

Playing their debut EP ?After The Fight? in pretty much its entirety, tonight is a predictably hook-laden affair, despite the absent master of ceremonies .The lack of Jim?s energizer-bunny stage antics makes it a whole lot less of a visual spectacle, but to the rest of the Not Advised boys? credit (and special guest Canada Water?s Tom Macleod?s), they pull it off convincingly enough to keep a busy Academy crowd interested. Makeshift frontman Ash Oliver is more than equipped with the necessary vocal requirements to lead us all through rousing renditions of ?Right Now? and ?The World?s Not Ready? and by the end of it all even Jim manages to squeeze a smile side stage, impressed as we all are at team Not Advised?s contingency plan coming together.