My Chemical Romance – Wembley Arena, London

By Andy

Tonight kicks off with LOST ALONE [2/5], who start off their set well but soon end up falling a bit flat. Although the songs start off strong, the band themselves seem rather uncomfortable on such a vast stage,t which leads to a lack of energy on the crowd?s part as the set progresses. A disappointing start to the evening.

THE BLACKOUT [4/5] follow, a band who much like the headliners seem to have a reputation stuck to them of perhaps being a bit er?uncool to like. They are however, full of energy, thoroughly engaging and on top form right from the outset of ?ShutTheFuckUppercut?. They have the necessary stage presence and at points have the crowd literally kneeling on the ground. ?Said & Done? is a highlight of the set, and is certainly a genuine crowd pleaser. From the circle pits, to the neon guitars, to their thoroughly amusing on-stage banter, you can see that The Blackout know how to put on a serious live show and it?s easy to see them headlining Wembley themselves at some point.

With the audience now ready and warmed up, MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE [4.5/5] take to the stage opening with the infectious ?Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)? which sets the stage for what is going to be a night where very few people stop dancing. The band are entirely at home on such a big stage and tonight is very much a case of hit after hit after hit (after hit after hit after hit, repeat ad infinitum). From ?Helena?, which has a lot of people singing with their eyes closed and hands held high, to ?The Black Parade?, which starts a thunderous singalong from its epic opening section.

The new tracks present sit well on their first proper live outing, holding their own well against the classics. The only down sides are ?Cancer? and ?I Don?t Love You?, which although provide a well needed break and calm in a high energy set, slow things down perhaps a bit too much.

There was initial worry that tonight would focus too much on new material and ignore some of the MCR classics, but by the time ?Vampires Will Never Hurt You? has rung out, the die-hard fans are ecstatic and the band themselves are clearly enjoying the trip back down memory lane. My Chemical Romance are a band that are hard to fault live, they put on a show that has a huge venue like Wembley shaking and no fan is left complacent by the time they walk off stage. We are entertained.