My Awesome Compilation – Leeds Josephs Well

By paul

It’s the first night of THE HOLIDAY PLAN‘s headline tour – and they’ve pulled out. Still, their loss is our gain because for the Leeds date only young noiseniks A DESTRUCTIVE ISSUE take their place. This is the third time I have seen the foursome in a matter of weeks and they get better every time. I’ve already gone on about the potential these youngsters have, but it really has to be seen to be believed. The foursome, inspired by the likes of Every Time I Die and Alexisonfire, play a ballsy melodic hardcore that screams, spits and slams at you from all sides. They’re as natural a band as I have seen in quite a while as they throw their bodies across the stage. Although the music does the talking ADI are rough around the edges, but this is nothing that cannot be smoothed out. (8)

SIX SECOND HERO‘s vocalist claimed the band were so named because it only took them that long to hit super-stardom. Someone in the crowd piped up it was because that’s how long it took them in bed. Both are very wrong. The name actually derives from how long it will take you to work out that this lot play a brand of tuneless pop-punk that is devoid of any tune or melody. Play in time, learn how to sing and THEN practice your posing frontman moves and star jumps. Rubbish. (2)

Promoted to headline (where they should have been anyway in my opinion), MY AWESOME COMPILATION take the stage with an extra member, Steel Rules Die bassist Andy, while Darius recovers from a broken hand. The band aren’t quite on top form tonight, with both Chris and Daz suffering from bad throats, but even then they stand out a mile. I still maintain this Leicester mob are one of the best bands in Britain and people are slowly beginning to listen. ‘Wish You Well’ and ‘Our Lives:The Sequel’ are fantastic power-pop songs that have you swaying and dancing, but it’s the energy and fun the band have on stage that really set MAC apart. There’s a charm you want to cherish – it’s like seeing your children on stage, rocking out, such is the feeling everyone gets. Even Darius’ fine rendition of 50 Cents’ ‘In Da Club’ (or whatever it’s called!) gives everyone an extra wide smile. It’s not a case of if with MAC – just when.