Motion City Soundtrack – Leeds University

By paul

Monday September 25th
Leeds, The Metropolitan University SU

Due to rubbish buses The Matches have kicked off tonight’s events by the time I arrive, and upon the evidence of the 2-3 songs that I did see, this was pretty convenient. I’ll say little more than ‘The Matches are not my thing’. (5)

The smartly attired Ok Go, have been receiving some good press of late, and were today featured on Newsround, so I found out. It’s obvious even before they come on stage that they mean business, with 70s wallpaper effect projections as a backdrop, and a 9-song set including ‘Get Over It‘ and the Treadmill-tastic ‘Here It Goes Again’, alongside ‘Invincible’ and a Violent Femmes cover (in which the lead singer fals on his arse after attempting amateur gymnastics), supports this – at least once the band get going 2 songs in. A particular highlight is the inclusion of ‘Oh Lately It’s so Quiet’, but the show is stolen by their antics following the set’s end. The band put down their instruments and the singer introduces ‘A Million Ways’, accompanied by a 3-minute-plus dance routine. Magnificent. (9)

Motion City Soundtrack seem to be growing and growing – and with good reason, really. They’re a band you can pretty much bet your house on will provide a decent live show – but the quality of tonight’s mix is not in the same league. There’s little synth, and Justin’s not with us, it seems, and has placed himself at the bottom of a well for maximum echoing effect. It’s enjoyable, but in no way brilliant, and all too underwhelming for my liking. The inclusion of Throwdown put the biggest smile on my face, but the lacklustre shouts for an encore seem to speak volumes. (7.5)
Setlist: Attractive Today, Better Open The Door, Capital H, Don’t Call It a Comeback, Make Out Kids, Time Turned Fragile, Mary Without Sound, My Favourite Accident, Perfect Teeth, Feels Like Rain, Modern Chemistry, LGFUAD, Everything Is Alright, Hold Me Down.
Encore: Throwdown, The Future Freaks Me Out.