Motion City Soundtrack – Camden Electric Ballroom, London

By Andy

It?s been two and half years since Motion City Soundtrack last graced London with their presence and the wait has been agonising. Fortunately, it seems to have been more than worth it after tonight?s return to form for the Minnesota quintet. As only the third show on this jaunt abroad, Justin?s voice doesn?t bear signs of the fatigue that he can be prone to on long stints on the road, and as a whole they seem more than a little excited to be back here. The crowd don?t seem to mind either.

?Worker Bee? kicks off the party to a rousing start and things don?t let up for a good while. As a unit, they?re polished and the amount of energy that oozes from the stage confirms that thirteen or so years into their career, they haven?t lost even a little bit of that passion for performing. Their set contains a healthy slice of material from new record ?My Dinosaur Life? as well as what seems to be an all-time MCS hit parade. ?Perfect Teeth?, ?Everything Is Alright? and ?Capital H? are all there, while the crowd response to ?L.G. F.U.A.D.? is quite simply a sight to behold. There?s nothing quite like a room full of like-minded individuals screaming the words ?Let?s get fucked up and die!? at the top of their lungs, there really isn?t.

By the time the encore has squeezed the last drop of adrenaline from Justin and co., it?s clear that good things do indeed come to those who wait. For those who have been aching to see this lot since their victorious set at the Astoria back in October 07, tonight has been more than a worthwhile trip up to Camden.