Miss Conduct – Camden Underworld

By paul

It?s hard to be unbiased when reviewing a band that you have both a personal and corporate interest in, which is why I?ve resisted giving Over And Out a live review since the first day I saw them way back in December ?06. However, it?s about time that people paid some fucking attention to what we?ve been saying here at Punktastic for the last 12 months or so ? Over And Out truly ARE one of the tightest and most enjoyable pop-punk bands on the scene right now. Most of their older material has been dropped in favour of new tracks like ?Overdrive? and ?Up on the Table? which allow the band?s freshly revamped line-up to display some spine-tingling four-way (yes ? four-way!) harmonies. Now with added synthey-goodness too, their set is packed full of energy, craftsmanship and the usual illogical mid-song banter. A remarkable performance, whether you take my opinion on them as credible or not.

Next up, 1000 Hertz prove to be quite the sore thumb in the lineup, but their raucous sonic assault is welcomed with open ears and clenched fists at the Underworld tonight. While struggling to make a song last the lengthier side of three minutes, they have a furious sound that is quite rightly winning them rave reviews left right and centre in the mainstream rock media. Frankly, there?s little reason to question that after seeing their efforts tonight.

It?s been a while since we heard from Miss Conduct. Since the release of their mini-album ?Sinner Vs Sinned? back in Spring last year, we?ve heard little from the Bridgend fivesome. However, since recruiting themselves a new singer in the form of the gorgeous Emma-Jane, they?re back on the scene and tonight?s set is a taster of what?s to come from the band in 2008. Their songs sound crisp, and there?s enough evidence they?re not just a one-hit wonder phenomenon and have some genuinely solid songs. There?s a feeling that Emma-Jane is still finding her feet, as she comes across timid at times, but her lung capacity certainly outweighs any negative effect her nerves may have had on the show. While the current crop of girl-fronted UK pop-rock bands has become tiresome and over-populated recently, Miss Conduct can sleep sound in their beds that they?re at the forefront of the rest.

Andy R