Lostprophets – Brixton Academy, London

By Andy

plus Kids In Glass Houses
Brixton Academy
Thursday 11th February 2010

There comes a time in every man?s life when you?re required to build a podium, stand atop of it and sing your little heart out.

We?ll get to that. First, it?s Kids In Glass Houses‘ responsibility to get a sold-out Brixton Academy crowd firmly warmed up, and good lord do they do make a fine job of doing it. Has the Academy ever seen this big a bounce for a support act? Probably not. ?Young Blood (Let It Out)? is a shamelessly solid starter for the evening, and with the teaser tracks for ?Dirt? sounding this beefy and receiving this solid a reception, one might safely predict that at Kids In Glass Houses? headline tour this May, shit is certainly going to go off.

It?s their first proper comeback tour after a good four years away, and Lostprophets were never a band to do things by halves. Rest assured, they certainly went the whole nine yards tonight (and then some) with a jaw-dropping set, complete with Mr. Watkins? own roost-ruling podium antics towering over the stage. Whether the new album takes your fancy or not, ?Dstryr And Dstryr? and ?Next Stop Atro City? are huge live numbers, and while it can?t always be said, the lads are razor sharp in their performance tonight. An unexpected (and earth-shattering) rendition of ?I Am Godzilla, You Are Japan? is enough to win over the doubters in the audience, and with that Lostprophets have cemented their place in the rock stratosphere.

Andy R