LIVE: You Me At Six / Your Demise / Deaf Havana @ Underworld, London

By Adam Rosario

Tragedy brings people together, it’s a common known fact. Tonight sees three bands (one reuniting for this one off show) come together to raise money for a fellow band in the scene after a horrendous bus crash. The Ghost Inside, who are currently in critical condition, have clearly had an effect on all three bands.

Opening proceedings, Deaf Havana take to the stage and, despite some sound issues throughout, show why they’re one of this countries finest bands. Smashing through an 8 song set, the likes of ’22’ and ‘Boston Square’ elicit mass singalongs, whilst ‘Leeches’ rumbles through the venue. Frontman James Veck-Gilodi plays with a higher level of passion (which is saying something as he’s always oozing passion on stage) and the band sound tight, with only the PA letting them down on occasion. A rousing ‘Anemophobia’ rounds off their set and sets them up for a massive 2016.

Your Demise ended their tenure as a band over a year ago, but they’ve returned for this one off performance to show solidarity with The Ghost Inside. And the main question is why? Why have they stopped? As soon as they hit the stage, they invite carnage, with pits opening instantly and hardcore kids throwing themselves around. They blast through tracks like ‘Burnt Tongues’, ‘Miles Away’ and a ripping ‘The Kids We Used To Be’. Ed McRae is the ring leader, crowd surfing, getting the audience to sing back to him & dancing like there’s no tomorrow. Your Demise were on top form & paid perfect homage to The Ghost Inside.

The last time You Me At Six played a headline London show was at the O2 Arena. Tonight’s settings are a far cry from there but they play with the exact same motivation. Filming their set for The Ghost Inside, they tore through the classic ‘The Truth Is A Terrible Thing’ before diving through ‘Loverboy’. The PA problems are long gone & whilst the band haven’t performed in 6 months (Josh Franceschi admitting that he’s gotten out of shape during that time) they sound like they’ve been touring for the last year non stop. Their set delivers an emotional roller coaster, from the feel good bangers like ‘Fresh Start Fever’ & ‘Reckless’ to the somber ‘No One Does It Better’. With ‘Liquid Confidence’ the band show why they’re one of British rock’s shining lights. With no encore, the double punch of ‘Lived A Lie’ & ‘Bite My Tongue’ rounds off the night in great fashion, even with a mistimed end of the closer.

The show was announced & sold out all in less than 4 days. It was all in a show of solidarity for a band who’ve given so much to so many. Music creates solidarity and with three diverse bands all paying tribute and doing something for the scene they’re in, the night was an absolute triumph. Best wishes to The Ghost Inside.