LIVE: Twin Wild / Tides @ The Stillery, London

By Adam Rosario

Camden Town is always buzzing. Shoppers, traffic, music. A lot of music. Tonight sees a free show for Twin Wild, a band on the up, taking place at the Stillery.

First up are Tides to warm up the crowd. Sounding very much like Don Broco with a synth background (and a backing track at times to create bigger effects). They play a high energy 5 song set. Frontman Azza Trowbridge jives around on stage and even throws in a verse from R Kelly’s ‘Ignition (Remix)’ during the first song. Vocally sounding like Olly Murs, these guys are a great support act, with songs like ‘My, My, My’ and ‘Prove Me Wrong’ they’re a great pop rock act on the up.

Twin Wild take to the stage at 9.15 and proceed to give a decent enough showing to get the people talking. The Stillery has all of a sudden become packed and the crowd aren’t just innocent chancers, there’s a fair few fans in attendance. Twin Wild are a band with an eclectic choice of influences. Throughout their half an hour, 7 song set, there are traces of Mallory Knox, Biffy Clyro, Bastille and Imagine Dragons scattered around, taking the riffs and choruses and making them pop rock friendly. Singles ‘Fears’ & ‘Strangers’ sound massive, and are clearly written to be played in venues bigger than here.

Twin Wild now need to take 2015 into their own hands, and prove why they’re going to be apart of the next generation of rock bands even if they are on the poppier side of the spectrum. Great first impression, and the guys look overawed that they’ve packed out this show.