LIVE: Thrice @ O2 Forum, London

By Ben Tipple

A man of few words, Thrice vocalist Dustin Kensrue utters only the smallest of thanks during their ninety minute set at London’s O2 Forum. Launching into newer track ‘Hurricane’, the pace is mesmerising as their comeback show sees them delve into most of their back-catalogue, discounting very early fan-favourites from ‘Identity Crisis’ or ‘The Illusion Of Safety’.

It’s a notable nod towards their newer material; a considerable number of tracks from this year’s ‘To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere’ falling into the mix. ‘Stay With Me’ is as haunting live as it is on record, one of many moments showcasing Kensrue’s faultless vocal ability. Yet they still acknowledge their past, as ‘The Artist In The Ambulance’ rings out to open their encore or ‘Cold Cash and Colder Hearts’ thunders around the packed space.

In a venue that often struggles to maintain a high quality of sound, Thrice never falter. The cataclysmic ‘The Earth Will Shake’ rings out with an unparalleled liberating force, set against the delicacy of main set closer ‘For Miles’ or ‘All The World Is Mad’, one of only two tracks to appear from ‘Beggars’. Whatever the tone, Thrice retain their atmospheric prowess, one which singlehandedly negates the need for any extravagant stage presence.

Far from a simple reunion show, Thrice cement themselves as a continue powerhouse in the alternative scene, pushing forward with only the occasional glimpse back. With ‘Deadbolt’ seemingly removed from their live repertoire in favour of the much more accomplished ‘Black Honey’ or ‘Death From Above’, it’s a huge stride in the right direction. Unlike many, Thrice recognise their past only to enhanced their present. Much like their recent album title suggests, Thrice have no interest in being everywhere. Where they are just now being perfect.


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