LIVE: The One Hundred / Youth Killed It @ Boston Music Room, London

By Christopher Lee

London band The One Hundred are one of the best up and coming bands around. They refuse to be confined to a single genre of music with their blend of nu-metal, hip-hop, grime and electronica. This may seem like a lot of different sounds but to their credit founders Jacob Field and Tim Hider have not only forged some absolutely brutal tracks but managed to transfer this to an epic live show.

Up first though are Norwich lads Youth Killed It, having just released their debut album ‘Modern Bollotics’ the guys have an infectious enthusiasm about them. The half of the room that have made it down early for the openers are certainly in for a treat as front man Jack Murphy’s smile and all round upbeat persona easily transfer into a great performance.

Never one’s to take themselves too seriously, just check out the lyrics to ‘You Don’t Know’, Murphy finds time for a couple of jokes and to sport a pair of comedy glasses for one track. Their 30 minute set consisting of tracks from their debut is a joy to behold from start to finish as the crowd lap up the cheeky vocals and almost ska like sound while never ceasing to move.

By the time the stage lights dim and tonight’s headliners make their way on stage to a backdrop of album artwork for debut ‘Chaos & Bliss’ due out next month The One Hundred immediately unleash a whirlwind of furious energy. Opening track ‘Dreamcatcher’ is welcomed with a huge circle pit by the now completely full crowd. The guys already have a huge following and that’s easily identifiable as the band play through a set consisting of both tracks from their previous EP ‘Subculture’ and their unreleased album. The latter might be seen as a gamble as a lot of these songs will be brand new to fans but you certainly wouldn’t know it going on tonight’s show.

The crowd lap up the brutal breakdowns and riffs with a ravenous appetite as the band power through track after track. As the temperature soars, the centre of the room turns into one big sweaty mess of a never ending mosh pit. By the time they end their set with ‘Kingsmen’ the room is left with an empty void, although it’s doubtful anyone has any energy left tonight after this.

Tonight has been a great showcase for the wealth of talent currently residing in the UK. Both Youth Killed It and The One Hundred have before them a world of opportunities and deservedly so. Whilst they may be two very different bands, one fun and cheerful the other aggressive and explosive they both bring with them unparalleled enthusiasm and polished live performances. For those who claim that rock music is dead, maybe you should pop along to nights like these and be proven wrong.