LIVE: Sløtface @ The Lexington, London

By Ben Tipple

First in a three band showcase, Norway’s Sløtface waste no time in making their mark, launching into the instantly addictive and deliberately frivolous ‘Take Me Dancing’. It’s a stark contrast to some of their other material, not least the sombre tones of latest single ‘Bright Lights’, yet Sløtface are brazenly aware of their discord and wear it well.

Quickly settling into their set, vocalist Haley Shea is as enigmatic as she is comfortable, ushering the modest crowd forward who happily oblige. This gentle confidence runs throughout each track of the thirty-minute set, even as the sounds kicks up a gear and Shea’s note-perfect delivery turns to understated screams.

As bassist Lasse Lokøy and guitarist Tor-Arne Vikingstad warm up they begin to utilise the venue’s space, momentarily and in turn swapping the stage for the floor. It’s indicative of the band’s energy and their musical prowess. Sløtface effortlessly deliver a relaxed yet precise performance that carries with it some serious weight.

“I’ve been thinking about that summer we discovered Bon Iver,” Shea sings with a venomous charm on penultimate track ‘Sponge State’, the highlight of their set. Demonstrating their unquestionable ability to pack out rooms much bigger than the Lexington in the near future, it won’t be long until music fans will be looking back at discovering Sløtface; the next big thing.