LIVE: Sea Girls @ O2 Forum, Kentish Town

By Yasmin Brown

If there was ever to be a band that defined 2019’s success story, it would be Sea Girls. Attending almost every summer festival you could possibly name, it would be a surprise if you hadn’t at least wandered past their stage mid-set and found yourself bopping along to their catchy indie beats. 

Along with their huge festival presence, Radio 1 have been spinning Sea Girls all year, and the combination of so much high profile publicity it has led to this band being one of the fastest growing, popular groups of lads in the UK right now.

Their London headline show at O2 Forum Kentish Town is a testament to this popularity, as the sold out show fills the venue to capacity long before they take to the stage. From the balcony, bodies down in the stalls melt into one, waiting patiently for what must seem like hours before moving together in excited enthusiasm as soon as the lights go down, desperately trying to get as near to the band as humanly possible.

There’s no question that Sea Girls have earned this kind of dedication from their fanbase. Tirelessly touring since they first entered the scene, they’ve not taken a second to rest, and as they jump happily around the stage it’s clear to see it’s paid off.

Working through their very fun back catalogue, you’re hit with a stark reminder that this band is fairly new, with the set drawing to a close just over an hour after it began. It begs the question: if they’re selling out venues such as this with less than 15 songs in their repertoire, what amazing things lie ahead?

From the opening notes of ‘Violet’ to the moment the final song, ‘Adored’, the energy on stage is palpable, and it resonates with every person in the venue. Not a single person remains still, with even those right at the back rising to their feet and dancing happily from start to finish. 

This crowd knows every word and the band are living for the recognition as they put all they have into their performance. Interacting with the crowd on every level, with front man Henry Camamile even going as far as to run up to the balcony during ‘Damage Done’. With explosions of confetti and streamers throughout, and an effortless coolness combined with pure unabashed delight, it’s easy to understand where the love for this band stems from. They’re talented in a way that sets them apart, while still tapping into something that allows them to take on the mainstream music scene.

One thing’s for sure, though. This is just the beginning for Sea Girls.