LIVE: Reading Festival [Sunday]

By Ben Tipple

It’s an early start on The Pit for up-and-coming atmosphere makers Black Foxxes. That doesn’t stop their blend of Brand New-esque melodies and heart wrenching vocals enveloping the modest tent, drawing in some weary passers-by with the music’s sheer beauty. Despite their niche sound, we’d wager that this is the last time Black Foxxes will play this early on at any major festival, with bigger platforms firmly in their grasp. [BT]

Feed The Rhino are opening the Main Stage today, and despite the early slot, there’s still a great turn out for them. They’re a band who absolutely slay small stages and sweaty venues, but today they prove that they’re also a band who can conquer the biggest of stages as well. With new single ‘Featherweight’ making its mark, Feed The Rhino are a band with a lot more to come. [LMW]

Lonely The Brave are next up on the main stage, and they sound just as good as expected. They’re obviously a little more mellow than Feed The Rhino, but they still manage to pack a punch in a very different way. It’s an incredibly powerful set, and every song tugs at the heartstrings. They’re a band who mean a lot to people, and from this performance, it’s easy to see why. [LMW]

The newest guise of punk veterans Against Me! is now well and truly settled. Laura Jane Grace looks more comfortable on stage than ever before, with the mixture of new and old band members delivering the best performance of the weekend. With a setlist picked for its true vibrancy, the dual closer of ‘Black Me Out’ and ‘I Was A Teenage Anarchist’ are enough to get everyone on their feet. Their comfort is instantly recognisable, and makes for an absolutely stunning mid-afternoon performance. [BT]

Against Me!

Just in case you’re not aware, Queen Kwong is the brainchild of Carre Callaway, and she’s joined onstage by Wes Borland, Fred Sablan and Hayden Scott (who also play for some little known bands like Limp Bizkit, Marilyn Manson and AWOLNATION). Today the band (who don’t consider themselves a supergroup) take to the stage to create an incredibly atmospheric experience for everyone involved. It’s clear they’ve got a lot of potential ahead of them. [LMW]

The Gaslight Anthem have announced that they will be going on indefinite hiatus, so this is their last show before they take a break. Brian Fallon’s voice is as wonderful as ever, and they crack out the big hits that you’d expect – ‘Handwritten’, ‘The ’59 Sound’ etc – while also including some of their newer tracks off most recent album ‘Get Hurt’. It’s a real shame they’re going away for a while, but hopefully it will give them a chance to recharge and come back even stronger. [LMW]

The Gaslight Anthem

Moose Blood are really whipping up a frenzy in the rock scene right now, and if you didn’t understand the hype before this show, then now you really should. After honing their craft on Warped Tour all summer, they’re now even better at what they do. There’s nothing like seeing a whole tent sing the words back at a band in the most heartfelt way they know how, and Moose Blood have sure got that down. Excellent work. [LMW]

Frank Carter might be used to enclosed and claustrophobic venues, but The Pit is doing its best to emulate the experience. Packed full of punk aficionados, Carter – the immediate focal point for all Rattlesnake performances – treats the tent as his own. Whether he’s performing from in the crowd, the back of the tent or a fan’s shoulders, Carter spits the venomous lyrics with a commendable force. Back from mellower projects, Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes are seemingly a rejuvenated unstoppable whirlwind. [BT]

Tonight Refused are headlining The Pit, but before they take to the stage, While She Sleeps have arrived to smash everything up. The Sheffield bruisers have absolutely nailed playing relentlessly heavy music, and the tent goes mental for them. Highlights include Frank Carter’s guest appearance and ‘Seven Hills’, which goes off tonight. The atmosphere in the tent is electric, and this is a truly special moment for everyone involved. [LMW]


Refused might not be pulling in the crowds that have adorned their recent headline performances at Groezrock Festival, yet there isn’t a hint of hesitation of Derek Lyxzén leads the punk icons onto The Pit stage. Launching into ‘Elektra’, their “nothing has changed” lyric has never sounded so relevant. The smaller setting allows for one of the most intimate Refused shows since their return, regardless of the expanse outside of tonight’s venue. There’s a clever balance between their older material that has since celebrated cult status and the heavier tracks from this year’s ‘Freedom’ LP. Lyxzén welcomes all into the Refused family, demonstrating just how we had earned the accolade of one of the best frontmen in rock. The heavily atmospheric closer ‘Tannhäuser / Derivè’ pushes the electricity in The Pit to its maximum level, building upon the penultimate ‘New Noise’. Those with worries that Refused are no longer the best they used to be have just been set straight. Done. [BT]