LIVE: Reading Festival (Saturday)

By Ben Tipple

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This is a moment we’d all been waiting for. From the moment that Gnarwolves got announced on the Reading Main Stage, the punk community had been up on their feet, applauding the fact that some skater kids from Brighton and Cornwall have made it this far. Not only just made it, Gnarwolves have made it by never, ever compromising on what makes them special. You can see how much this means to the band too, with lead vocalist Thom never letting the smile leave his face and bassist, Charlie using this as an opportunity to appeal to the crowd to carry on going to shows and supporting bands. Their performance is almost irrelevant because as a whole, this is a huge moment for everybody to do with punk but for what it’s worth, Gnarwolves fucking kill it. [CM]

For a band who are, at the time of their Reading Festival appearance, yet to release a full-length record, Lonely The Brave’s pull is astonishing. Although the Radio 1 and NME Stage has seen bigger audiences over the weekend, the band’s lunch time set is met with rapturous enthusiasm. It may not be the type of music to incite circle-pits and crowd surfers, but the audience is more than happy to sing back lyrics from the likes of ‘Black Saucers’ or ‘Backroads’ from last year’s EP of the same name. The diversity of the audience is also evidence of their crossover appeal, as excruciatingly shy frontman David Jakes appears to be more comfortable with his status. Placing himself at the front of the stage, Jakes visibly acknowledges the audience, even addressing the audience with a simple “thank you”. It’s a sign of an evolution in a band that already have the world at their feet. A band whose staggering musical performance is only matched by spine-tingling vocals. [BT]

After a relatively quiet year, it’s always nice to welcome back a favourite and it’s no different for Pulled Apart By Horses. With the release of their new album ‘Blood’ merely days away, their Main Stage slot is a perfect time to remind people they still exist. The band are as frantic as ever, using the stage to their advantage at every opportunity, determined to put on a great show, and they do. [CM]

Bloody Knees are an exciting band. Seemingly transported directly from the heyday of grunge, their Nirvana-meets-punk sound is perfectly accompanied by a nonchalant on-stage attitude that gives off a certain no-bullshit attitude. Their new material is their best to date, and both ‘Stitches’ and ‘Daydream’ are sounding bigger each time they are played. Having been picked up by a wealth of music press, and now by the BBC who offered them this slot on the Introducing Stage, the future is looking bright, with a grunge tinge, for Bloody Knees. [BT]


Completing their transformation into a musical powerhouse, Marmozets come into their own on the Radio 1 and NME Stage. Frontwoman Becca MacIntyre has retained the grit that made them stand out, but clearly improved her vocals through their recent extensive touring schedule. Perhaps an initial risk, but Marmozets look entirely comfortable on a larger stage, and tracks like ‘Born Young and Free’ and ‘Move Shake Hide’ sound absolutely massive. ‘Captivate You’ in particular sees MacIntyre push her vocals to the limit despite the song’s clean finish. It’s clearly destined to be a stalwart of their live performances. With their new album on the way, and performances like this, the world is in the palm of their hands, most likely ready to be fucked with. [BT]

Things have been somewhat quiet on the Don Broco front in the last twelve months. Having played the Main Stage last year, Broco today find themselves in the completely jam-packed Radio 1 and NME tent. Their blend of swagger filled melodic rock is clearly appealing to a whole host of audiences, as the alternative crowd are met by the neon face paint brigade. Showcasing a track from their forthcoming yet to be announced album, ‘Money Power Fame’ sees the band continue in the same direction as 2012’s ‘Priorities’. It may be deliberately cocky and arrogant, but Don Broco clearly haven’t lost out by going quiet – this is their return. [BT]

How easy it could’ve been for While She Sleeps to disappear after frontman Lawrence Taylors throat surgery at the beginning of the year, but it’s a credit to the band that they used the time out to refocus and come back the best they’ve ever been. Tonight’s set on The Pit isn’t just a welcome back, it’s a reminder to anybody who might have forgotten that the Sheffield based hardcore group know how to fucking kill it. The band seem bigger than before and with the release of a new album seemingly round the corner, While She Sleeps are set to follow in the footsteps of fellow Yorkshiremen Bring Me The Horizon to bigger stages. [CM]


Issues are a band who divide opinion wherever they go – some proclaim them as the next big thing, others will try to tell you that they’re nothing more than a fad band who will disappear as soon as they arrived. If tonight’s set in The Pit is anything to go by, you haven’t heard the last of Issues, not by a long shot. The tent is absolutely packed. The sound is crisp and the vocals are absolutely on point. The crowd are clearly loving every minute and so are the band. It’s fucking awesome to see. [CM]

Architects are killing it,” we hear one overtly excited punter exclaim as Sam Carter and co. blast through their set in The Pit sandwiched between Issues and Of Mice and Men. In fact, anyone would be forgiven for thinking Architects were tonight’s headliner as thralls of fans are pushed out of the bulging tent’s sides as the ridiculous mosh pit grows in size. Material from this year’s ‘Lost Forever/Lost Together’ sounds absolutely massive, and Jason Butler’s appearance during the ever-excellent ‘Follow The Water’ is something special. Having announced their biggest UK headline tour to date, missing out on Architects later in the year would be a crime. [BT]

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