LIVE: Reading Festival (Introduction)

By Ben Tipple

Reading Festival has marked the end of our festival season for many years, 2014 proving to be no exception. Welcoming approximately 90000 people through its gate, on top of the 80000 who venture to Leeds, it has quite rightly been dubbed the quintessential British festival.

As we are driving to Reading on the Thursday, one day prior to the main proceedings, blink-182 speak to Zane Lowe of the festival’s stateside reputation, commenting on its prominence both here at home and across the Atlantic. Many bands over the weekend express similar gratitude, with playing on one of the eight stages marked to many as a career highlight.

The festival itself is a beast. For those who are yet to venture into the Reading field, it’s unlike any other festival out there. Packed with people, predominantly of the younger persuasion, it’s deliberately hectic. There are quiet spots to rest weary heads, and of course the obligatory sleepers dotted amongst the throngs, yet at its core Reading Festival is one huge party.

The Dance Stage, situated prominently between the Main Stage at the Radio 1/NME Stage, has a large part to play in this, and is easily the primary meeting point for any teenager with an urge to cover themselves in neon paint.

Reading Festival may now be appealing to younger audiences, yet its size and eclectic line-up mean it can cater to all. It is possible to spend your whole day raving inside and outside the aforementioned Dance Stage, or to situate yourself outside the Lock Up/The Pit for some of the finest offerings from the alternative scene. The world of music is your oyster. The Main Stage wavers between the likes of Pulled Apart By Horses, Paramore and Macklemore, clear in its diversity.

So as we arrive filled with anticipation of things to come, planner in hand and adrenaline rushing around our bodies, it’s time to join the hordes.

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