LIVE: Press to MECO @ The Key Club, Leeds

By Mark Johnson

Having set an initial date of November 17 for the release of their second album ‘Here’s To The Fatigue’, this run of shows should’ve been an opportunity for Press To MECO to promote and celebrate their new record. The band however have been forced to move the release date, and while they’re keeping the details of the delay, and a new release date, a mystery for now, it’s likely that fans will have to wait till around March 2018 to hear the record. But trust us, it’s well worth the wait.

Though the news may be slowing down the chance to put new music in their fans’ hands, it certainly isn’t stopping the trio. Their headlining run across the UK continued unabated, followed by a batch of dates in support of SikTh, to round off a busy end to 2017. Based on the quality of their upcoming record, and the songs aired from it tonight, it should make for a hugely exciting 2018.

Although still unreleased, ‘Here’s To The Fatigue’ has been a finished product for well over a year now and with the band chomping at the bit to play new material, they waste no time getting into it, blasting out ‘Familiar Ground’ from the upcoming effort. The crowd may not be familiar with the lyrics, but they’re no strangers to an infectious rhythm, and they’re certainly happy to oblige the song’s bouncy chorus line and up-tempo chord progression, making it a perfect opener.

On debut album ‘Good Intent’ Press to MECO’s use of three-part vocal harmonies was a breath of fresh air in the genre and happily this theme continues on the newer material. Singles ‘Here’s To The Fatigue’ and ‘If All Your Parts Don’t Make a Whole’ see all three members combining perfectly to produce melodies that are distinctive, memorable, and perfectly executed in a live environment. It’s a joy to watch a group of musicians in perfect sync performing their art and the crowd respond to each flawlessly executed note with vibrant enthusiasm.

Not content with being gurus of melody and catchy choruses, Press to MECO have also mastered the art of the riff. ‘A Quick Fix’ brings the heaviness with a crushing riff that gets more intense as the band decrease the tempo and invite the crowd to bang their heads. It’s one of the stand-out tracks of the new record and based on the reception from the floor, it’ll be one that stays in the set list for years to come.

One of Press to MECO’s most endearing qualities is the passion displayed by the trio. Whether it’s at their own shows, or festival performances, you’ll often find the guys in the crowd, watching other acts perform. It’s rare to see with established bands nowadays, but seeing the band immerse themselves in the scene they’re a part of is a testament to their passion as music fans as well as performers. This personality bleeds into their music and helps explain how their sound has evolved into such a complex and multi-faceted beast.

Press to MECO are one of the UK’s most fresh, original and accomplished performers and with their best material to date still waiting to be released, 2018 should be the year that they gain the massive respect and attention they deserve.