LIVE: Power Trip / The Flex / Blistered @ Boston Music Room, London

By Glen Bushell

Power Trip are not your average hardcore band. While they are rooted within that scene, the Texan quintet draw heavily from thrash and metal, and probably have more in common with Slayer than they do Youth Of Today. Ultimately, the result is something special, and we were lucky enough to witness it as they wrap their UK tour with a sold-out show in the confines of the Boston Music Room in London.

First up are Florida hardcore band, Blistered, who were a last minute addition to tonight’s bill. From the moment they hit their first note, the entire dance floor resembles a martial arts movie. Their heavy hardcore sound, one that can be likened to Integrity and Ringworm, sets the room on fire for the duration of the set. While they may not be bringing anything particularly new or original to the table, Blistered are tight and their sound is crushing. Given the adulation they receive tonight, it wont be long before they reach headlining status on a similar bill.

Next up are The Flex from Leeds. On paper, the idea of them being sandwiched between Blistered and Power Trip seems like an odd choice. Their live performance says otherwise. With a distinctly old school hardcore vibe, erring on the heaver side of Negative Approach and Think I Care, they are intense and powerful. It’s easy to see why The Flex have gained such a rabid fan base over the last few years. When other bands that play this style have failed to have any longevity, The Flex seem unstoppable right now and will surely continue to be one of the best that the UK has to offer.

When Power Trip hit the stage, they do so with all guns blazing. Despite their flawless full-length, ‘Manifest Decimation’, being released three years ago, the set is heavy on the album, and the songs still sound just as powerful. From the relentless title track through the storming ‘Heretics Fork’, Power Trip sound like a grizzled old thrash band. The buzzsaw riffs that lead into screeching solos are textbook, and vocalist Riley Gale is the picture of perfect crossover front man; encouraging the crowd to scream along with him, brandishing the mic stand like a sword at every given opportunity.

Their set is short and sweet, barely scraping the thirty-minute mark. That’s all Power Trip need, though. The trebly bass sound that cruises through ‘Crossbreaker’ sends the crowd wild, and leads to numerous bodies flying from the stage, and the close out with ‘Hammer Of Doubt’, leaving the venue in a sea of sweat, hair, and all round satisfaction.

Having shared stages with hardcore royalty Bane and Terror, through to metal icons Lamb Of God and Anthrax, Power Trip are on the cusp of bigger things. With their new album, ‘Nightmare Logic’ slated for release this year, and a live show that backs up their recorded ferocity, Power Trip could very well be the future of crossover metal.