LIVE: Nova Twins @ The Lexington

By Jess McCarrick

Having just received 2 Brit nominations, it may seem to the masses that the London born Nova Twins have appeared out of nowhere – but this gig proved why they have been a staple within the scene for the better part of a decade. The gig was in collaboration with Music Venue Trust who hope to secure the continued funding of grassroots venues like The Lexington.

Two well placed strobe lights begin to flash sparsely, plunging the room to and from darkness, immediately changing the atmosphere. The silence is broken with the beginnings of ‘Fire & Ice’ which sees a masterful concoction of distortion layered over that infamous and eccentric riff. What becomes clear in this song and throughout the set is their total control over the reverb and pedals they use to craft their iconic instrument tone. It seems almost second nature to the duo as they paint diverse sound over the room.

We jump quickly into ‘Cleopatra’ which highlights Amy Love’s impressive delivery, with her diction being second to none. Love’s harsh pronunciation and vindicated style makes sure she isn’t overshadowed by the immense instrumentation combinations throughout the set. However, when needed, her subtlety and control on songs like ‘Puzzles’ – where the chorus is decorated with smooth vocal melodies – is masterfully handled.

Weaved throughout the show are electronic and poignant sounds that mix well with their hyper and zesty performance style. Nova Twins’ production is a cleverly devised mash of tones that riff together, its improvised nature working with the dynamics of the duo, hinting at the fun they have on stage. This musical sparring is exceedingly fun to witness.

The staging is very impressive and thought out given the size of the performance space. Bassist Georgia South’s hair flies back in a rush that was indicative of rockstars past and Love stands bathed in bright light, stood in front of a strobe that eclipses her whole body with an ethereal ray. These small touches make all the difference in the power a show has, taking it beyond the music, deepening the impact.

They mentioned their Brit nominations and thanked us all as they played one of their first ever singles ‘Bassline Bitch’, laughing about being rusty before they began and reminiscing about their roots that are tied to venues like The Lexington. We were thrust into darkness once again as the girls play song ‘Antagonist’ which has become their most successful single to date. The high-pitched riff that is met with a deep bass accompaniment spurred headbanging from all and the show came to a close with a raucous version of ‘Choose Your Fighter’.

Nova Twins are infectious, bubbly, and downright loud. Meticulous detail was given to all facets of their Lexington live show which was immersive and thrilling. They truly are artists in every sense of the word, and masters of their craft.