LIVE: Mosh Lives tour (Emmure, Chelsea Grin, Obey The Brave etc) at The Fleece, Bristol [11/04/13]

By Chris Marshman

Tonight sees the arrival of the mighty Mosh Lives tour in Bristol, and it boasts an impressively heavy line up: Buried In Verona, Attila, Obey The Brave, Chelsea Grin and headliners Emmure. Due to early stage times, we sadly miss Australian metalcore mob Buried In Verona and a healthy dose of deathmetal from Attila, but our night starts with a bang thanks to Obey The Brave.

Canadian metalcore troop Obey The Brave could very well be the headliners tonight: their set is incredibly tight and they put on a fantastically energeticlive show. Frontman Alex Erian (formerly of the much heavier Despised Icon)possesses a whole heap of energy and passion, and they’re an absolute joy to watch. The Fleece is packed out for their set, and next time they come back to the UK, they could be the rightful headliners.

Next up are Salt Lake City deathcore band Chelsea Grin, who bring a whole different vibe to the Mosh Lives tour. Their set feels almost like a musical in some respects: the show is very theatrical and frontman Alex Koehler seems a lot like he’s on stage in a theatre rather than a rock show a lot of the time. Nevertheless, it’s interesting to watch and brings some variety to the night. Their set seems a little bit too long for the amount of bands on the bill, but the crowd are huge fans. Chelsea Grin will be welcome in the UK any time.

Last but not least are headliners Emmure, who have a whole load of hype around them, and quite rightfully so. Frontman Frankie Palmeri is one of the best in metal and he leads his band in creating the ultimate carnage in the
room. Emmure are one of those bands who are fantastic to watch becausethey have so much energy and aggression in their music. Hits like ‘DrugDealer Friend’, ‘MDMA” and ‘Solar Flare Homicide’ set the room on fire and the crowd love them.

Emmure are seasoned professionals at whipping up a frenzy, and if you get the chance, you need to watch them live. Mosh well and truly lives.