Live: Modern Baseball/Into It. Over It./Tiny Moving Parts @ The Dome, London

By Joshua Wroath

As far as co-headline tours go, Modern Baseball and Into It. Over It. together is pretty high up the list of top double shows for 2015. After a run in Europe, the tour finally reaches the UK, with the bands set to play multiple sold out shows, including tonight’s at Tufnell Park.

The Dome is slowly becoming an established stomping ground for many indie-punk and emo bands passing through the capital. The talent on show tonight is just one collection of bands to relish that will be appearing at the venue in the coming months.

Opening tonight’s proceedings are Minnesota’s math rockers Tiny Moving Parts. Getting onto the stage just past 8, the three piece perform a bold and impressive set, with Dylan Mattheisen going from calm to madness in split seconds – in a moment simple strums are twisted and become intricate fiddling on the fret board. Showing a skillset of bubbly math rock punched with punk chords, Tiny Moving Pieces garner a great response from the crowd doing no harm at all to their reputation on their London debut. Expect them on their own UK tour soon.

After a short break, Into It. Over It. comes on, solo at first. ‘Anchor’ is a nice opener, performed to a near quiet venue, but it’s during the second song ‘Embracing Facts’ that the talents of Evan Weiss and his crew become evident. Performing with perfect tightness, the song brings the fans of album “Proper” together, drawn by the band’s ability to make the song sound even better live. Mixing the set between latest album “Intersections” and “Proper”, it’s clear from the audience reaction that the latter gets the better reception, and who would be surprised? ‘Connecticut Steps’ reminds us of Weiss’ beautiful ability to grab a room with his lyrics and make it feel sorrow with him. He and the band don’t manage to sway over the whole room though, and although not performing in a bad way by any stretch of the imagination, it’s clear though that the majority of the crowd is not here for Weiss’ soft-emo rock. No harm done, but on another night, with more time, Into It. Over It. would be able to own the room with greater conviction.

The instant obviousness the second that Modern Baseball take to the stage is quite overwhelming at first. You can just see the audience has been itching all night to pop, jig and dance to the Pennsylvanians infectious emo-pop-punk. Ripping through a set containing all the hits from last year’s “You’re Gunna Miss It All”, the band grin throughout, feeding off the crowd’s bursting boarding-teen energy. ‘Broken Cash Machine’, ‘Tears Over Beers’ and ‘Going to Bed Now’, along with, well, every song of the set highlight a band going from strength to strength.

MB’s lyrics generally concern rambling thoughts on college, beer and girls, ultimately concluding on the subject of wasted times. But tonight’s performance is far from being considered wasted time by anyone present. Goading each other on, and effortlessly taking it in turns to lead the vocals, Lukens, Ewald and Farmer (along with Huber on drums) make the show feel almost like a homecoming, with crowd surfers riding the good times, flooding the stage with bodies.

Leading the pack in the genre of emo-punk twee college fun, MB can be very confident that they have a loyal following in the UK, demonstrated by crowds and performances like tonight.

As the music draws to an end, it’s great to have seen three bands all perform at their best. With each representing different elements within the emo-punk scene, one appreciates being able to see such fresh talent all under one roof, all in one night. May the Dome and triple whammy’s like this long continue.