LIVE: Marmozets / Lonely The Brave / Allusondrugs @ The Scala, London

By Ben Tipple

The last time Marmozets played Scala, it was on a club night 2 years ago. Tonight they returned as headliners and showed that they deserve to be playing even bigger venues than this.

First up though are Leeds natives Allusondrugs. Having a Nirvana flavour to them, they embark on an adrenaline fuelled set to open proceedings. A recurring theme throughout this show is adrenaline, and Allusondrugs have it in spades. This is a highly energetic set which shows they’re going to go far. With stand out songs like ‘I’m Your Man’ & ‘Am I Weird?’ they are definitely ones to watch.

Main support tonight on this co-headline tour, Lonely The Brave know all about the ‘ones to watch’ tag. Having been a hype band for over 12 months now, they’ve gradually grown a fan base and they’ve toured a hell of a lot to create it. Debut album ‘The Days War’ dropped last month and unsurprisingly the set is the majority of the album. Drawing comparisons with Biffy Clyro & Foo Fighters, they’re a heart-on-the-sleeve band. Anthems like ‘Deserter’ and ‘The Blue, The Green’ show off David Jakes amazing vocal talent, front and centre of a canvas of sound which is made for stadiums and arenas. Closing on ‘Backroads’, the crowd bring the singalong and it’s a triumphant set. Jakes is known as having confidence issues & though there is little crowd interaction, but the songs do the talking for them.

What can be said about those “Weird and Wonderful” Marmozets that hasn’t already been said? 10 songs, all from their debut album (which landed at number 25 on the official charts), 45 minutes and absolute carnage. Opening with ‘Born Young and Free’ which has one of the best choruses of the past 5 years in it, the crowd doesn’t let up. Becca Macintyre is the ringleader tonight, stalking the stage, slinking her way around and co-ordinating the crowd to her will. Album tracks such as ‘Particle’ & ‘Is It Horrible’ sound massive. Even the tender moments like ‘Captivate You’ and a dedicated rendition of ‘Back To You’ which slow the pace down are met with a large reaction. Closing on ‘Move, Shake, Hide’ and a chaos filled ‘Vibetech’ which brings a massive mosh pit out of the crowd, Marmozets have taken a massive step on the road to the bigger venues.

Scala has played host to two of the next cornerstones of the UK rock scene tonight. Lonely The Brave & Marmozets are going to be massive pillars in the next 10 years of UK rock music. That’s not an opinion, that’s a fact. They’ve both got the tunes & both got the fans. Tonight was a special night and a night which will be known as the start of these two bands incredible rise to the top.