LIVE: Mallory Knox at Camden Barfly [11/10/12]

By Lais

As fans turn up wet through to the skin from an autumn downpour, Mallory Knox are preparing to play London’s Camden Barfly on the sixth day of their UK tour with Reckless Love. Much has been said in the press of late surrounding this band from Cambridge. An excitement grows about this home grown talent.

Formed off the back of a desire to create an outlet for their musical expression, Mikey, Sam, Joe, Dave and James are ready to stir up the scene. What is refreshing about MKX is they just seem to be having so much fun and this is evident tonight throughout their more than established set.

Frontman Mikey Chapman states “I know we’re not everyone’s cuppa tea on a bill like this, but thanks for sticking around”. He has a point; the room is full of middle aged rockers with Motorhead t-shirts waiting with beer in hand for Reckless Love, Finland’s glam rock answer to Aerosmith. It is an unusual mix of young and old generations, but MKX still pull a crowd who know every word to every song. Mikey, despite having flu, as he declares with a thermos of Lemsip by his side, still manages to sing with the vocal depth and clarity that gives this band a cutting edge.

Having worked with Dan Lancaster (We Are The Ocean, Lower Than Atlantis) on their debut EP, the similarities are clear, but what MKX offer is refreshing and passionate. They are a band who know their feet are firmly on the ground.

First songs ‘Hello’ and ‘Resuscitate’ offer old fans and new a clinical offering into what MKX are all about, robust rock riffs with crisp, soaring and addictive vocals that get everyone singing along. It is honest, uplifting and bound to stick in your head. “Let’s teach everyone the words,” says Mikey during ‘Resuscitate’ as the 20 or so faithful at the front do their part.

‘Death Rattle’, a new release from their upcoming album, gets the biggest cheer of the night so far, an anthem of a singalong. Guitarist Joe shows his appreciation of a truly great set and a fantastic audience by mouthing thank you. The love is evident in the room and it’s infectious.

It is evident MKX are thankful for every gig, for every ticket sold, for every smile. They deserve to be. They are grinding out the shows and building a fan base. Watch out for Mallory Knox.