LIVE : Made Violent @ The Old Blue Last

By Kseniya Zinchenko

American trio Made Violent played their first ever UK show in the Old Blue Last in London on 15th of July. It was definitely more than what you would expect seeing on Tuesday night from a rising rock band.

‘Always starting off with Inside Out’ as a front man put it, has definitely made a crowd pay attention of what exactly was going on in that small room. Same followed with ‘You had it easy’ and ‘Talk about it’. You can see Buffalo, NY raised band establishing their sound and knowing how exactly they want their music to be listened to after playing their new tracks ‘Temper’, ‘Two Tone Hair’ and ‘On My Own’, which sparked a lot of response from the crowd. But it seemed like the show wasn’t what band members in their early 20s expected until they played ‘Dirty’. ‘It was absolutely insane! It is great playing somewhere for a first time and seeing the crowd singing along knowing all the lyrics! The crowd in London is just amazing. Especially comparing to some shows we played back in New York’. These were the exact words of guitarist Rob Romano and drummer Justin Acee when they talked about their set after the show.

Finishing off with catchy ‘Fire to feed’ and ‘Wasted days’ you could see public being amused and that is a great start for presenting your music to a completely undiscovered crowd never knowing how they would react! Personally, divergent vibe by including a bit more interaction with a crowd during the set would bring a better atmosphere, but I cannot blame them as it is Made Violent’s 8th show ever played as a band! I think they did a pretty amazing job!