LIVE: Lower Than Atlantis at Trinity, Bristol [03/10/12]

By Lais

Tonight’s line up is an absolute cracker – Gnarwolves, Don Broco, The Dangerous Summer and Lower Than Atlantis. Bristol Trinity is a church converted into a venue, and it’s an absolutely brilliant choice to host tonight’s stellar line up. Sadly Gnarwolves go on far earlier than expected so we miss out on their pop punk goodness, but next up are the outstanding Don Broco.

Don Broco unleash themselves on the crowd with an incredible rendition of ‘Priorities’, which includes their trademark walk. As ever, their energy is completely infectious and the crowd respond with buckets of enthusiasm. By rights, they should be higher up the bill, and the fact they are playing below The Dangerous Summer is slightly outrageous, considering their popularity with the crowd. Their set mainly consists of songs off new album ‘Priorities’, including ‘Hold On’, ‘Actors’ and ‘Whole Truth’, with a little bit of old favourite ‘Thug Workout’ thrown in. The only shame is that they leave out ‘Beautiful Morning’ and ‘Dreamboy’, but we can’t really complain when they put on such an electric show every single time.

Next up are The Dangerous Summer, who have come over from Maryland. They’re not quite big enough over here to warrant being higher up the bill than Don Broco, and their pace is significantly slower and less energetic, so it seems a bit of an anti-climax after such a lively set. They put on a good show and frontman AJ Perdomo’s voice is spot on, but their position on the bill seems to hinder them slightly as the crowd go a little flat.

Last but not least are headline act Lower Than Atlantis, who come on to rapturous applause. Frontman Mike Duce has been suffering from a virus so it would be understandable if the band aren’t on top form tonight. However, this isn’t the case at all. If you didn’t know he was ill, you wouldn’t be able to tell because the quality of the show is just as good as always. Opening with the fantastic ‘Love Someone Else’ off their new album ‘Changing Tune’ (which came out two days before) goes down an absolute storm and the crowd bloody love it.

They play a mixture of songs off ‘Far Q’, ‘World Record’ and ‘Changing Tune’ and the band sound incredibly tight. It’s a mixture of high energy and slower crowd singalongs, and it all goes down just as well. ‘(Motor) Way Of Life’ and ‘Beech Like The Tree’ are incredibly popular, as is ‘Far Q’, but new songs like ‘PMA’ sound fantastic too. They play a solid show and the crowd are enthralled throughout. They go offstage before coming back on to play an encore of ‘Another Sad Song’ and ‘Deadliest Catch’. ‘Another Sad Song’ produces the biggest and best singalong of the night, and it’s clear to see everyone is incredibly happy. Next time LTA are in town, this crowd will be back.

Lais MW