LIVE: Heck / Thee MVPs / No Nothings / (Sorry Shitwife, I was late…) @ Fluffer Pit

By Punktastic

After navigating my way from Manor House tube station I found myself on an industrial estate, not the most normal gig setting but this was no normal gig. New River Studios was playing host to the second ever Fluffer Pit Party. Fluffer Records have set themselves the task of putting on awesome punk rock shows in teeny tiny rooms, the bands set up in the middle so you can get your boggy on, up close and personal. What’s not to love? A busy bar was serving Heck’s very own Signature Brew, Bullhorn. I could hear riffs from the main room so that, unfortunately, had to wait.

Annoyingly I missed Shitwife but let’s just assume they were brilliant, yeah?

Okay, on with the first band I actually saw, No Nothings. Upon opening the door I was hit with an avalanche of smoke, on entry it did appear I had walked in to the music video for ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ but no. Not so much grunge from Seattle but grunge-punk from Hull? Ace. This was my introduction to the band and they certainly gave a good first impression. Low-fi, smokey and loud. Really, really loud. Heads were nodding and feet were a tapping. ‘M.U.R.D.E.R.ME.’ and ‘All the Good Ones’ go down a storm. I think the band defiantly picked up some new fans. Not bad for your first London show.

Thee MVPs combine beautifully honest garage rock and a sense of fuck everything in their musical endeavours. But before they hit the, erm, carpet, I got a glass of Heck’s very own beer. I’m not a beer dude so the less said about the taste the better, (sorry guys).

An intoxicated crowd can mean a show goes one of two ways but thankfully this set was filled with the right kind of drunks. Very instantly the dancing began and did not let up for the half hour of the wonderful Thee MVPs set. They play songs that take me back to the first time I heard FIDLAR; carefree and full of imagination, properly brilliant I’d say.

The carpet was set for a great end of year show for Nottingham’s finest riff purveyors. Heck embody the live music experience so a little thing like not having a stage wasn’t going to stop them from causing maximum carnage. Already having ascended a stack of amps before a note had been played proved to be a statement of intent. Almost touching the ceiling, Matt Reynolds yells “Power”, (sorry I meant “Pooooowweeeeeeeerrrr!”).

Kicking off with ‘Powerboat Disaster’ means the audience barely have time to put down the pints of Bullhorn (available now) *winky face*. Tom Marsh hits harder with each passing moment, amidst the melee a cymbal flies off into the crowd. Between microphone leads, flying cymbals and guitars, you are lucky to escape unscathed. The rowdy crowd often totally engulf the band; their antics not only entertain but often hint at Bear Grylls style survival tactics.

Brandishing their latest belter ‘The Breakers’ the boys boom into life, full of crunch it attacks from its inception. It’s definitely one of the band’s more accessible tracks but never begrudges any ferociousness or technicality. The words “Gored as if by bulls!” are bellowed around the room, just a prerequisite to the meaty riffs that follow. Necks ache and “bangovers” are guaranteed when the riff hits. Sweat and blood are left behind as Heck finish their unrelenting performance.

Congratulations Fluffer you put together one hell of a show!