LIVE: Grayscale, Home Advantage, Forrest @ The Bunker, Cardiff

By Chris Marshman

Photo by Sophie Parrett

Tonight’s show was never going to be a sell out show. Grayscale are playing only their second show ever and while the stock in Home Advantage is steadily rising, they’re still yet to release their EP, ‘Cadet’ and Forrest aren’t yet a household punk name. What I can say however is if tonight’s performances are anything to go on, by this time next year this line up could very well be selling out venues of this size.

First up were Londoners Grayscale, as already mentioned, playing only their second ever show tonight. The band are a little rough round the edges but do offer genuine flashes of brilliance, notably in the song ‘Bait’ it’s also worth mentioning that Grayscale are trying to do things a bit differently, on the merch table tonight was a comic created and printed by the band, and the whole artistic concept behind that means that Grayscale could be ones to watch.

Up next were Home Advantage who are on their way to becoming one of the UK’s brightest pop punk outfits. They play their EP ‘Cadet’ in full tonight which is due for release next week and all I can say is that they sound fucking huge. The highlight coming in the form of ‘Ropeswing’ frontman Ross Shroff’s screams of ‘If you don’t fucking like it, you better fucking leave’ provide tonight’s first true memorable moment. Watch out for these boys because they mean business.

Headliners tonight were Forrest who honestly seem ready to pick up where Basement left off, the influence is there along with the likes of Title Fight, even down to their stage presence. Their songs are short but pack a big punch and musically they are incredibly tight. Along with Home Advantage, Forrest are another UK band who you should be hearing a lot more from in the future.

Overall, despite the relatively low turnout, tonight’s show at The Bunker was one of the best I’d been to in ages, it really makes a difference when you know the bands playing are doing it for a genuine love of the music. The larger audiences will come in time and as long as all three bands on tonight’s bill keep up the hard work there’s no reason not to believe that the bigger audiences aren’t actually that far away.