LIVE: Fallen to Flux @ The Flapper, Birmingham

By Mark Johnson

London-based alt-rock quartet Fallen to Flux are currently playing the waiting game, patiently standing by until the release of their debut album ‘Transitions’ on August 5th. To build momentum ahead of the release, the band have been playing a series of shows and although there’s plenty of empty space in Birmingham’s The Flapper, it’s no reflection of the band’s ability or potential. Fallen to Flux are an exciting new entrant into the alt-rock arena and the quality of their live show and upcoming album should ensure that future shows are considerably busier.

The band’s sound is at the heavy end of the alt-rock spectrum, the drums hit hard and with clever tempo changes which intertwine well with heavy guitars and pulsating bass lines. The musicians remain perfectly in synch throughout the set, proving themselves to be an accomplished live act, and their confidence holds the audience’s attention as they play through a series of unreleased new songs.

The vocals are a key factor in the quality of ‘Transitions’, being technically challenging as well as highly effective melodically. The range of inflections and interesting arrangements showcased on the record are just as successful live, as singer/guitarist Oli Clipsham replicates every melody flawlessly, proving his ability as a competent and impressive frontman.

Despite the mediocre crowd size, the band don’t hold back on their performance. Bass player Luke Walley is the most animated, bouncing around the stage in an attempt to inject life and passion into the audience. Although the response is tepid, it’s good to see the band enjoying themselves and with crowds likely to only get bigger in the future, it’s reassuring to know that Fallen to Flux have the presence to carry themselves well.

The build up to releasing a debut album can be an impatient time but Fallen to Flux won’t need to be too nervous about what’s to come. ‘Transitions’ is a fantastic record that’s filled with impressive instrumentals, catchy vocals and well written songs, and they’re just as good live as they are on record. It’s disappointing not to be sharing the experience with a packed out room, however after the album launch on August 5th, we’re sure that there’ll be more interest in filling out the venues on the next tour.