LIVE: Every Time I Die / Muck / Blood Youth @ Underworld, London

By Andy Leddington

First on were baby-faced Yorkshire lads Blood Youth. Although they’ve already started making a few splashes here and there the room for their set was rather sparsely populated. Blood Youth are still a little rough around the edges, and some work needs to be done both on their recorded output and their live show, but in a few years’ time they could be sensational. For now, a solid performance of some good tracks.

Muck’s balls-to-the-wall nasty hardcore failed to provoke much of a reaction from pretty much all of the crowd. In their defence, going on before or after a band as well-respected and brilliant as Every Time I Die is a tall order, and Muck seemed unfased that there was little crowd reaction.

Give Every Time I Die a stage and 40 minutes to an hour and you are guaranteed a good time. From the instant punch in the face start of ‘Underwater Bimbos From Outer Space’ the crowd entirely belonged to Every Time I Die. Playing songs from a catalogue over 15 years old in places that have not lost any of their immediacy can be difficult, but if there was ever going to be a band to do it Every Time I Die are up there with the best of them.

‘Puddle’ and ‘The Coin Has A Say’, two new tracks off their forthcoming album sounded just as cutthroat and crunchy as the rest of their best material. The band themselves showed no sign of slowing down, the Buckley brothers still losing their minds and managing to not miss a single note in the way that only the best musicians can do.

We all collectively still need Every Time I Die. There are so many bands who all sound the same and who are being pushed by various different channels, but there is a reason that Every Time I Die’s fans will always continue to support them, and that is because there isn’t a band like them in the world.