LIVE: Every Time I Die at Electric Ballroom, London [29/10/12]

By Lais

Tonight sees Every Time I Die return to London to play a triumphant show at the Electric Ballroom. It’s not quite as busy as when they played the same venue this time last year, but nearly every UK tour seems to have suffered this month from the sheer magnitude of bands doing the circuit.

Nevertheless, Every Time I Die are one of the undisputed best live bands in the world, and they have a great turnout to back this up. Tonight they mix up the setlist just a little to keep things interesting. They open with ‘Kill The Music’, which is a huge tune and an excellent choice.

They play a great mixture of songs off their six albums and if you didn’t know this band had been going since 1998, you would never have guessed, because they are still incredibly relevant to the rock scene. The only time they start to lose the audience a little is when they play songs off newest album ‘Ex Lives’, but they still go down remarkably well.

Frontman Keith Buckley is on form, along with the rest of the band who simply exude energy. The crowd seem to respond best to hits like ‘The New Black’ off ‘Gutter Phenomenon’ and ‘Wanderlust’ off ‘New Junk Aesthetic’. They have everyone in the palms of their hands, and it’s bloody brilliant.

Whereas usually ETID finish on ‘We’rewolf’, tonight they mix things up by playing an incredible final trio of ‘Ebolarama’, the aforementioned ‘We’rewolf’ and then ‘Floater’. The latter makes the old school fans almost weep with joy, and it’s no surprise because it’s an utterly brilliant end to an incredible set.

Once again, Every Time I Die have smashed up the Electric Ballroom with absolutely no remorse. Top work as always.