LIVE: Eva Plays Dead / Dirt / Derange / Past Ten Days @ Surya, London

By Jess

Eva Plays Dead, a vibrant rock quartet from Derbyshire, have been raising £2000 via Pledge for the release of their gritty, biting EP ‘Sounds Of the Written Word’. And by the time they take to the stage at Surya, they’ve absolutely smashed their target.

But first, Past Ten Days start the night off with their quirky spin on their acoustic music, and sometimes seem to venture into the realm of indie funk; nevertheless, it’s a refreshing start to the night. Their tracks ‘Break Me’ and ‘Take Me Away’ are dynamic, spirited, and lively – considering that their vocalist left them very recently, the rest of the band have pulled together to put on an incredible show, which shows by the tidy crowd that they’ve pulled in. Their cover of Bring Me the Horizon’s ‘Drown’ is surprisingly good, and goes down an absolute treat.

Unfortunately, from here on out, the room empties very quickly, with only a handful of people staying put. That doesn’t put off metal crew Derange though – vocalist Cat Pereira, who looks and sounds like the love child of Amy Lee from Evanescence and Maria Brink from In This Moment, prowls the stage, while dark and ethereal riffs thunder throughout the room during tracks like ‘Ruin’. It’s a rare sight to see a female vocalist do screaming vocals, so that in itself is an impressive and refreshing feat to witness.

Dirt, one of the UK’s most talented up-and-coming rock bands, absolutely smash their set tonight. From the start, they’re an energetic and charismatic bunch, slaying the room with their huge songs like ‘Insomnia’. The heavy ‘Chemicals’ adds instant flair and taste to their sound, complete with frenetic riffs, which shows just why they’re so exciting.

And then Eva Plays Dead step up and, from the start, they mean business. After the creepy intro, complete with a Nightmare On Elm Street recording, they leap straight into action with their huge and dirty riffs. Vocalist Tiggy Dee is a sultry vixen, captivating the attention of the rapt audience with her earth-shattering vocals and bags of attitude. They’re a rather sassy bunch, belting out hits such as ‘Live Again’ and ‘1950’s Woman’. Their set, mostly made up of tracks from the new ‘Sounds Of the Written Word’ EP, is awe-inspiring, as the dark, yet sexy, ‘Wonderland’ demonstrates.

Eva Plays Dead definitely deserve that 100-and-something% Pledge target that they reached as, if tonight combined with the release of their EP is anything to go by, they’ll be making some serious waves within the scene and soon.