LIVE: Don Broco / We Are The In Crowd / Young Guns / Bury Tomorrow / Beartooth @ The Forum, London

By Adam Rosario

Each year, there is one tour that kicks off the year in style , consistently booking the next big thing. This year, Kerrang booked a 5 band bill, all very young in their band’s life cycle. Yet all 5 show that they have the potential to be that break out band.

First up are Beartooth, Caleb Shomo’s newest venture. Having the joint shortest set, at only 6 songs long, the band rip through crowd pleaser ‘Beaten In Lips’ with a fire and passion which is rare to see these days. What’s immediately apparent is how much of a star Shomo is. Baiting the crowd, getting them to clap, and sing back the lyrics, he himself is made for bigger stages and slots than opening here. As they only have a short set, the band waste no time in leaving a massive impression. ‘Dead’ is dedicated to Shomo’s wife for her birthday and she even gets involved on Bass duties for the outro. If you’re on the fence about Beartooth, they’re just like A Day To Remember, minus the pop punk and upping the metal.

Southampton’s Bury Tomorrow are next out and waste no time in setting out in destroying The Forum. ‘Man On Fire’ the massive lead single from their album ‘Runes’ fills the room with ease and sets the tone for a fast paced set. ‘Garden Of Thorns’ and ‘Of Glory’ follow and Daniel Winter Bates keeps the crowd involved, calling for pits and sing-alongs at will. Bury Tomorrow are at an interesting conjecture in their career now. Their next move will be very interesting to watch and see where they go.

Young Guns are interestingly placed on this bill, 3rd up and only playing a three song, 15 minute set. They open with ‘I Want Out’ released as the lead single for their next album ‘Ones and Zeros’, and immediately get the crowd bouncing. New single ‘Speaking In Tongues’ follows which gets a more muted reaction due to the relatively short amount of time it’s been public knowledge. They end on a high note with massive single ‘Bones’ from the second album of the same name. Hopefully this live show is a return to form after some shaky performances last year.

Poughkeepsie darlings We Are The In Crowd take the subheadline slot and even though they open with technical problems (that plague their set for the first 10 minutes) they do very well. Tay Jardine has really come into her own as a frontwoman in the last few years. Her voice in a live setting has been getting better and better, becoming the voice for a new generation of female fronted bands. ‘The Best Thing (That Never Happened)’ is one of the best opening songs for a set in recent years, punky and with a massive chorus, it’s a shame the crowd can barely hear anything due to the sound. Tay’s vocals are perfect, though the guitars aren’t turned up enough and the drums are too loud. When the sound does hit the correct levels, WATIC are great. ‘Dreaming Out Loud’ is an anthem in waiting whilst the subtle tones of ‘Kiss Me Again’ mark our WATIC as a crossover band in the dark. Working on their third album this year, 2016 looks to be their year.

It’s finally left to the English boys to finish off this party and there isn’t a better party band right now than Don Broco. ‘Money Power Fame’ opens the set and gets the crowd moving more than any other band so far tonight. Rob Damiani is in essence, a prototype frontman. Handsome, banterful and a great voice? This guy is the full package. The set tonight is one of Don Broco’s last before they release their as yet untitled second album which has been long-awaited. So tonight is a celebration. Broco rip through 4 new songs, some old songs and some really old songs. Notable highlights? The whole set. Don Broco are on the cusp of becoming a major deal in a live setting, being able to create a party no matter where they play. With tunes like ‘Actors’, ‘Fancy Dress’ and ‘Back In The Day’ it’s easy to see why. Of the four new songs, ‘Money Power Fame’ and ‘Fire’ are the only two to have been heard before. ‘Automatic’ and ‘Superlove’ however are tunes written for a live setting, Damiani’s frontman skills at the front and centre. During the obligatory ‘Thug Workout’ Daniel from Bury Tomorrow reappears to encourage the Push Up Squad and to lend his screams to beef up the epic outro just a bit more. Closing on the one-two hit of ‘Priorities’ and ‘You Wanna Know’, Broco bring the show to an end and look set to have completed phase one for making 2015 their biggest year yet. Phase two will be releasing the new album finally and hitting up the festival circuit.

A fantastic night of music from 5 of the alternative rock scene’s starlets. All 5 impressed and all 5 have the potential to be your new favourite band if you’ve never listened to them!