LIVE: Deaf Havana / Dinosaur Pile-Up / Dead! @ Kentish Town Forum

By Jess Tagliani

The release of ‘All These Countless Nights’ has reminded the many just why they fell in love with Deaf Havana, which accounts for tonight’s sold out show. It’s a tour that’s gotten many excited, especially with the support acts that precede the headliners.

Kicking off tonight’s party is the London-based Dead!, who are simply bundles of fun split between five people. From start to finish, they’re constantly bouncing around as they deliver some cracking tunes such as ‘Skin’, which is a frantic track, packed with energy. The choppy ‘Jessica’ sees their swaggering frontman display his monstrous talent; sounding like a British version of Gerard Way, his vocals simply swell over a killer bass. It’s not hard to see and hear why Dead! have become so popular over the last few months.

However, Dinosaur Pile-Up don’t receive quite the same welcome. It’s nothing to do with the band’s skills whatsoever; they’re on point throughout their set, with crashing drum work and rip-roaring riffs. The grunge undertones that run through are nostalgic and comforting. It merely seems that the audience here is mostly too young to realise who Dinosaur Pile-Up are and the effect that they’ve had on the music scene over the last however many years. It’s a thorough shame as they are simply phenomenal.

From the opening chords of ‘Ashes to Ashes’ to the final flurry of drums in ‘Pensacola, 2013’, Deaf Havana are on fire. They seemed humbled and lost for words at the packed room, so repay everyone the best way they know how – playing a simply superb and awe-inspiring set.

The band dish out incredibly powerful riffs and utterly beautiful melodies; clean harmonies and a vivacious atmosphere create ‘St. Paul’s’, while ‘Trigger’ and ‘L.O.V.E.’ simmer with vibrant energy. The room is charged with crackling electricity and is positively electrifying when it comes to ‘The Past Six Years’, which sees the crowd take over on vocal duty – frontman James Veck-Gilodi doesn’t even have to open his mouth. There are plenty of touching moments like these when the room comes together and it’s truly moving.

Deaf Havana may have had a rocky year or so before the release of ‘All These Countless Nights’, but it’s a relief to see them come back, more sure and powerful than before. Equipped with an arsenal of delicious harmonies and sultry confidence, tonight has definitely been a successful one indeed.