LIVE: Counterfeit @ The Underworld, Camden

By Christopher Lee

London rockers Counterfeit have embarked on their first fully fledged tour of the UK since the release of their debut album. Sure, the guys have played a few small, intimate release shows since ‘Together We Are Stronger’ hit shelves back in March, but tonight sees them headlining a sold out Underworld in Camden. Which of course is a pretty big show for a band who have only just released their first ever album. But as we’re about to find out, they’re more than capable giving a pretty big performance to match.

Having recently returned to the UK following a run of shows across Europe, the band seem to have honed their skills perfectly and emerge on to the stage with an explosion of pure energy that never falters throughout what is a blistering set. Consisting of not only every track on the album but also 2015 single ‘Come Get Some’ along with the tracks B sides.

The venue’s somewhat small stage struggles to contain the band from the get go as frontman Jamie Campbell Bower seems intent on spending more time in the crowd, or hanging from any surface he can possibly get a hold on. The bands almost destructive energy is infectious and the crowd duly respond in kind with an almost constant mosh pit for the majority of the evening.

In contrast to the nights theme of utter chaos, there is one beautiful moment that stands out during the set when Bower sets up his mic stand in the middle of the floor surrounded by an adoring crowd. Playing through the heartbreaking ‘Letters for the Lost’ an ode to a fallen friend lost to suicide he connects with the crowd wonderfully leaving them in silence as the last note is sung.

But what Counterfeit do best is high tempo and loud, and it doesn’t take long for them to get right back into the swing of it. Bowers vocals are strong throughout which is made even more impressive by the fact that he’s never in one place for more than 10 seconds. With the band hitting every note almost perfectly and the crowd singing most of the lyrics back both band and fans combine to create a special atmosphere throughout what is a special night.

While Counterfeit might have only recently burst on to the scene it’s to their credit that they can sell out a venue such as The Underworld at this early stage. With one of the best breakout albums of the year so far behind them, and a live show that exceeds expectations in every way, it’s easy to see why they’ve got such a huge following. Should they keep this up, the world is quite literally their oyster.