LIVE: Black Peaks @ Craufurd Arms, Milton Keynes

By Chris Robinson

Spending time with the band before they hit the stage, there’s an element of calm and preparation, as the members of Black Peaks shield themselves from the early November chill in hoodies, jackets and hats. Softly spoken, and incredibly friendly and approachable, talking to Black Peaks gives you no indication of what’s about to unfold in front of you.

With a burst of energy, right off the bat, Black Peaks launch into their set with tremendous vigour and excitement, and while the crowd may not be the size that they surely deserve, those who were in attendance were woken up immediately with the roaring vocals of Will Gardner, and crushing guitar of Joe Gosney.

Perhaps one of the issues that Black Peaks suffer from is that most people have only heard two of their songs, but here’s a spoiler – go and see them live and they play loads of songs you haven’t heard but immediately want to hear again. For example, new single Saviour combines melody and aggression beautifully, showcasing just what Black Peaks are capable of.

The huge, rock ‘n’ roll riffs, intricate mathy sections, and soft-to-aggressive vocals all help to make a tiny venue feel twice its size, immediately drawing you in and captivating you. It’s a frenetic set, yet evenly balanced with fierceness and melody, carefully crafted to show you a taster of a band yet to even release a full-length record.

While over far too quickly, closer Glass Built Castles gets everyone singing along in unison, helping to quantify that Black Peaks are one of the most exciting and innovative young British rock bands around right now, and making us incredibly excited to see what the album has in store when it drops in February 2016.