LIVE: Beartooth / Dead Harts @ The Borderline, London

By Lais

Back in December, we posted an Introducing piece about a band called Beartooth. We said they “might just blow your socks off”, but we could never have predicted just how much. Because tonight, on a warm September evening in London, Beartooth are playing their very first headline show in the UK to a sold out Borderline.

But first things first, the support bands. Very sadly, we miss Climates, but by all accounts they were brilliant and they are definite ones to watch. Next up are Sheffield’s Dead Harts, who well and truly tear up the venue. They are raw and energetic and it’s great to hear tracks off their new album ‘Cult For The Haggard Youth’ live. Make sure you check them out.

And finally, we come to the main event: Beartooth. With absolutely no exaggeration, it’s hard to remember a room as chaotic as this one. It’s completely astounding how much of an effect this band have on the crowd: they have every single person in the palm of their hands, and that’s just the way they like it. Opening with ‘The Lines’, the room explodes into a sweaty mess of crowd surfers and stage divers, and the energy doesn’t wane for the next hour.

The level of chaos in the room is so ridiculous that people are crowd surfing even when the band aren’t playing, and there is a constant flow of stage invasions. The band barely seem to notice the hordes of fans who are crowding the stage, and if anything, they seem to revel in the utter chaos, with even the guitarists joining in on the crowd surfing. Frontman Caleb Shomo is on form, and the level of energy from everyone involved is completely insane.

Although it’s hard to pinpoint a highlight from the night, as the show is so consistently brilliant, ‘In Between’ is definitely a special moment. This is the first time Beartooth have played this song in the UK, and it’s fantastic. The killer chorus prompts mass singalongs, and it’s a complete pleasure to be one of the first audiences to see this track played live.

Every song, whether it’s off the ‘SICK’ EP or their debut album ‘Disgusting’, is met with wild excitement, but the song that receives the most ridiculous response is undoubtedly ‘Body Bag’, which they come back on to play as an encore. It is so rare to see any band – let alone such a new band – receive such an insane response from a crowd that tonight really is unbelievably special.

When we said that Beartooth “might” blow your socks off, we stand corrected. They can and they will blow your socks off, and if anything, that’s an understatement. This is a band who are about to take off, and you should make the most of these small shows, because they won’t be playing these kinds of venues for long. Unreal.