LIVE: Architects / Every Time I Die @ Motion, Bristol

By Lais

Tonight Motion – an old converted skate park that usually houses big name DJs – is playing host to one of metal’s finest line ups. British metal titans Architects have managed to completely pack this huge room out, with the help of support bands Every Time I Die and Blessthefall. It’s a truly magnificent thing to see such an excellent turnout for a band that completely and utterly deserves it.

First up tonight are Arizona metalcore band, Blessthefall, who play to an already packed out room. They probably appeal to a slightly different crowd than Architects and Every Time I Die with their melodic choruses, but they still go down a storm nevertheless.

Next up are Buffalo legends Every Time I Die, who well and truly bring the chaos. Frontman Keith Buckley and co have been inciting mosh pits for many years now, but if anything, they keep getting better. The newer songs in the set go down a storm, but the set’s highlight is undoubtedly when they play ‘The New Black’ into ‘We’rewolf’. ETID will forever be the kings of bringing the metal party, and they will never be outdone on that front. Long live ETID.

Tonight’s headliners are Architects, and they have well and truly earned the right to play at the top of this bill. For a long time, they stayed at the same level, but after years of incredibly hard graft, they finally hit the jackpot with 2014’s ‘Lost Forever, Lost Together’.

Architects are truly magical to watch tonight, and they’re undoubtedly one of the best live bands in Britain right now. They are completely on fire, and it’s a flawless set. It’s almost impossible to take your eyes off them, and it really is incredible to see such a great British band smashing it at this level.

Although every song goes down well, the set’s highlights come in the form of the newer songs taken from ‘Lost Forever, Lost Together’, namely ‘Broken Cross’ and ‘Gravedigger’, but most of all, ‘Naysayer’. With synchronised headbanging galore and of course that ‘BLEH’ noise that everybody knows and loves, there was no way this show wouldn’t be brilliant.

Architects are doing Britain proud right now, and there’s nothing better than watching a great band who have worked tirelessly get to where they deserve to be. And from the way they’re looking right now, this is only the beginning for them. Incredible.