LIVE: Arcane Roots @ Bush Hall, London

By Jess Tagliani

Arcane Roots have been one of the best ‘underground’ bands in the UK for a long time now. Admittedly, they’ve written some killer tracks (listen to ‘When Did the Taste Leave Your Mouth’ and you’ll understand) as well as tour with power houses like Muse, but they’ve never really broken out per say.

However, that’s not necessarily negative; they’ve toured with the likes of Biffy Clyro through Europe and have graced stages at some of the world’s most prestigious festivals. Their album ‘Blood & Chemistry’ was released to critical acclaim, and they’re in the process of writing a new album.

But Arcane Roots have ventured out of the studio to come back to an intimate London venue and the beautiful Bush Hall is lucky to host this staggeringly powerful trio. Delicious harmonies swell and soar during ‘Over & Over’, while ‘Leaving’ hums with a vibrant and bold energy. New song ‘Off the Floor’ goes down an absolute storm; hands reach toward the ceiling, towards the band, as Arcane Roots get swept up in the frenzied riffs and thunderous drum work of their new offering.

With such a quiet but brilliant frontman, it can be easy to forget just how fantastic Andrew Groves’ vocals range is. His vocals swoop from soft, almost tender even but, more often that not, they’re a ferocious roar, packed with raw, visceral strength. ‘Slow Dance’ is one such example of this frontman’s biting vocals – they rile the room up easily, causing the floor to shake.

Tonight’s been a welcome return for Arcane Roots – they’re a brilliantly technical band, dishing out riffs that spit with sparkling electricity, and it’s been an absolute pleasure to witness their return.